The story of a job seeker in India

In reference to the current social media troll trend, the life of a job seeker:

Job Application
Satisfactory job

“A professional is born today”, roars your heart while staring at your degree certificate. What an inexplicable feeling. After years of hard work and countless sleepless nights, you earned this very piece of paper which is the key to your prosperous future. And now you ‘deserve’ a legit time-out. So for a good couple of months, a celebration spree occurs which comprises of all the luxuries you were restrained from earlier.

Job Application:
You settle down and finally that old acquaintance, ‘LinkedIn’, comes to picture. Say hello to the old you smirking back at you peeking right from that circular profile window. It might have taken an eternity to even remember the password, but then your friend in need, ‘Google’ always gets your back. But now what? You sort out the 10 best agencies in the world and you stalk them everywhere possible to find that one small link that can help you to get in. During such times Facebook has proven to be the biggest distraction. You are joyfully scrolling down engrossed in stalking those best firms of the world when suddenly; you find that ultimate cute video of a kitten rescued by a kind nomad couple. Now you just get that sudden urge to look for more baby animal videos and you hit YouTube for a retreat to your eyes. After being soaked in a massive guilt of getting distracted, suddenly you realize that your eyes are tired with the excessive screen time and you plan to continue the work tomorrow.

After constant contemplation, you conclusively begin with the extensive process of job applications, i.e. building a CV, sorting out companies that are open to hire, mailing your CV, calling just to inform about your CV, and waiting for that one final call.

Finally that Gmail notification rings like a beautiful melody touching your heart and soul. You cannot be happier. This is the beginning to your new responsible life. You click open the response mail to your job application to that dream organization.

“Thank you for taking the time to apply for our job opening. However, currently we are seeking for candidates with 1-3 years of experience. Though I’ve tabled your application for future consideration. Thanks for writing in”, says the reply.

Welcome to the very first rejection of your life. Nonetheless, you still succeed in receiving some call backs for interviews. With all the positive hopes you dress your best self, load all your documents in that black and shiny file that you bought last week, reach half an hour before the interview and do everything right. So now you are sitting waiting for the time to come when you will perform as your professional self. Inside, you are fireworks, jumping all around the neatly lit cubicles. In reality, you are just sitting staring at that big clock hanging right before you. Several hours of awkward silences and melancholy moments, you are escorted to the interviewer’s cabin. You are nervous and your stomach is giving you butterflies. There you are, facing the elegantly dressed lady boasting with confidence looking right back at you and greeting you. At that very moment you gather yourself to reach the level of peak you always wanted. So you do not disappoint yourself and be your best self.

Hopefully this is it! Your first big break! However, before you could start dreaming, life introduces you to a few more rejections. And you sit back in your room, taking your daily dose of Netflix to numb such negativity.

Satisfactory job:
As a young fresher, you are naive and overconfident about certain things in life. When those strong beliefs dwindle leading to a gradual demise, for a brief period of time, you are left with nothingness. With the hope to aim higher, you give it another shot and once again begin with the application processes. And so it works out! You get a call back. So you attend the interview and get a call in. Your very first job you are not so excited about. Then again, all this while you have learnt to settle in and always be positive. That must lead you one day to your dreams.


Well, death is inevitable. Whether you want to give up or keep working towards your dreams. That should be your call!


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